The Ethereal Oracle provides multiple services to help you along your journey to self-discovery and empowerment.

Services Currently Offered:

  • Emotional Health Coaching
  • Tarot Readings
  • Private Yoga
  • Yoga for the Emotional Body

Services Coming Soon:

  • Aura/Chakra readings

Emotional Health Coaching

Are you suffering from any of the following?

Chronic anxiety/Panic attacks

Depression/Feeling lost or stuck in life

Overeating/emotional eating, or use of any unhealthy coping mechanism

Feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, or out of touch with them

Wishing you could figure out what your purpose/passion is

Unhealthy relationship patterns

All of these apparent problems are in fact not the real problems at all - they are symptoms. Underlying every one of these challenges exists a deeper, emotional root cause. The core of this human experience is emotions, and yet, most people have no idea what their emotions really are, how to work with them, or what they mean. Your emotions are your compass in life. They are the language of your soul. They are talking to you all day, every day, and learning how to understand them will completely change your life, regardless of what your particular struggle may be. If the roots (emotions) are tended to and transformed, the branches (symptoms) will follow!

During these one on one sessions with Emily, you will be guided from where you are to where you want to be by addressing the true root causes of your challenges. You will be able to end unhealthy habits and patterns that you never thought you could. You will feel fulfilled, excited and hopeful about your life again, and you will find alignment with whatever it is you truly want. By being honest, and willing to dive into your authentic (often painful) emotions, you can heal anything and finally live the life of your dreams. You will walk away from every session with a greater understanding of who you truly are, more empowered than you knew you could be. You do not need to will, white-knuckle, or suffer your way to a happy life (that is, in fact, impossible). What you need is to give yourself your own unconditional presence, maybe for the first time, and embrace the beautiful reality of who you are.

Emily uses all of her education, skills, abilities and passions to help you reach your full potential and resolve any issue. She is a certified yoga/meditation instructor, a certified intuitive eating coach, currently studying to become certified in trauma integration, intuitive/extrasensory, and determined to get to the heart of any issue in order to catalyze transformation. You can read more about Emily and her story on the "About" page.

Session Details:

Sessions are purchased in groups of 6, 12, or 24. 

Sessions occur once every two weeks, therefore, 6 sessions takes place over approximately 3 months, 12 sessions takes place over approximately 6 months, and 24 sessions takes place over approximately 1 year.

Each session is 45-60 minutes long.

You have 24/7 (Mon-Fri) email access to Emily for the duration of your time working with her. This email access is for brief questions and comments only, and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

 If you are interested in transforming your life through these one on one sessions, please send Emily an email. You will then have a free, 15 minute assessment phone call with her, during which she will determine the amount of sessions suggested to reach your goals.


Tarot Readings

Tarot is an ancient and highly misunderstood form of divination. On its own, the Tarot deck is nothing more than a stack of cards (albeit a beautiful stack of cards). But combined with the reader and/or the questioner, the Tarot deck becomes a tool for self-realization and empowerment. Put simply, Tarot is a channel through which intuitive information is allowed to pass and be acknowledged. It has the power to bring subconscious wisdom to your conscious attention, therefore connecting you to your deepest truths and allowing you to proceed with greater awareness.

Tarot cannot predict the future, as nothing is written in stone, and the simple act of receiving a reading can change your future alone.


Tarot is also not generally used to answer direct yes or no questions; you always maintain free will and the the power of choice, so the purpose of a reading is never to have the cards live your life for you. What Tarot can do is reveal the greater truth as it stands in the present moment, therefore giving you the power to make more conscious and positive choices.

Before purchasing a reading, please email Emily with a general description of the subject you would like clarity on as well as a couple date/time options that work for you.

Private Restorative Yoga/Breath Work Sessions

Yoga has become popular for a very good reason - it's benefits are proven to be astounding. These benefits include: improved strength, flexability, bone health, joint mobility, posture, balance, circulation, blood pressure, self-awareness, sense of peace, as well as decerased anxiety and depression (to name a few!).

Emily's focus is on helping you to cultivate a love for the practice of yoga. If your focus is on nothing more than feeling good in your own skin, then staying consistent in your practice will be easy, and all of the above benefits will naturally flow into your life. Consistency is the missing ingredient for most people, and this is often because people approach yoga as yet another form of "working out". If you approach yoga, not as another workout during which you must struggle and be in pain, but as an opportunity to be present with your body and to give back to it, then you will love your practice, and consistency will take care of itself.

When you think about getting on your mat, you should feel a sense of relief, excitement, and happiness. If your yoga practice adds stress to your already stressful life, then something needs to change! For this reason, Emily incorporates dedicated time for breath work in every routine, as well as a 5 minute relaxation meditation at the very end. You will be amazed at what a practice built around the goal of stress-relief can do for you. Every routine will be custom made for you by Emily, based on your fitness level as well as any injuries or other considerations.

Whether you're at a beginner or intermediate level, Emily looks forward to guiding you through the practice of yoga. Sessions are held at the 222 Wellness Center in Gloucester, MA - all you need is a mat!


Yoga for the Emotional Body

Yoga for the Emotional Body is a donation based, yoga and meditation class that Emily teaches every Sunday, from 10-11am. Just like in her private yoga sessions, the focus during this class is on restoration, stress relief, and being present with your body and emotions. All levels are welcome, including beginner.

Classes are held at the 222 Wellness Center. Mats are supplied!


Aura reading description coming soon!