Raven Relics provides multiple services to facilitate your journey towards self-awareness.

Services Offered:

  • Turning Point Tarot
  • Yoga for the Emotional Body
  • Handmade Journals (See "Journals" page for more info.)

What is Tarot?

Tarot is an ancient and highly misunderstood form of divination. On its own, the Tarot deck is nothing more than a stack of cards (albeit a beautiful stack of cards). But combined with the reader and/or the questioner, the Tarot deck becomes a tool for self-realization and empowerment. Put simply, Tarot is a channel through which intuitive information is allowed to pass and be acknowledged. It has the power to bring subconscious wisdom to your conscious attention, therefore connecting you to your deepest truths and allowing you to proceed with greater awareness.

Tarot cannot predict the future, as nothing is written in stone, and the simple act of receiving a reading can change your future alone.


Tarot is also not generally used to answer direct yes or no questions; you always maintain free will and the the power of choice, so the purpose of a reading is never to have the cards live your life for you. What Tarot can do is reveal the greater truth as it stands in the present moment, therefore giving you the power to make more conscious and positive choices.


Turning Point Tarot Session

Are you suffering from any of the following?
-Chronic anxiety/Panic attacks
-Depression/Feeling lost or stuck in life
-Overeating/emotional eating, or use of any unhealthy coping mechanism
-Feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, or out of touch with them
-Wishing you could figure out what your purpose/passion is
-Unhealthy relationship patterns


All of these apparent (and very common) problems are in fact not the real problems at all - they are symptoms. More specifically, they are symptoms of living in a society where emotional health is not understood or discussed in any way. Emily is determined to play a role in changing this paradigm. By combining her love of intuition with her love of emotional health, Emily has created these unique and transformational sessions that will catalyze you onto a new path of health and healing.

The first 15-30 minutes are spent on the Tarot reading itself. Information uncovered during the reading is then used as a platform to dive into a guidance session, during which Emily will not only help you to unravel and understand the root of your challenge but will also give you practical ways to start making tangible changes. Emily uses all of her knowledge, personal experience and intuitive abilities to streamline your journey towards resolution. You will leave this session with a completely new perspective, feeling empowered and inspired to walk down your new path.

This powerful session is for you if:

You are at a turning point or breaking point and need mental, emotional as well as spiritual clarity on how to proceed.

You want to uncover the truth of who you are and the reality of how you feel.

You want to dive into the details of your situation and understand it in a much more comprehensive manner.

You are interested in learning tools, techniques and concepts that will help you to move through any challenge life throws your way.

You want to be more mentally and emotionally healthy so that you can live the most fulfilling and authentic life possible.

You are ready to make significant changes in your life but need one on one guidance/support to make it happen. 


Yoga for the Emotional Body

Yoga has become popular for a very good reason - it's benefits are proven to be astounding. These benefits include: improved strength, flexability, bone health, joint mobility, posture, balance, circulation, blood pressure, self-awareness, sense of peace, as well as decerased anxiety and depression (to name a few!).

In order to reap these amazing benefits, you need to practice consistently over a long enough period of time (though you will feel a difference right away), and yet consistency is the missing ingredient for most people. This is largely because our culture has placed yoga under the category of "working out", and so people approach their mat with a sense of stress and fear that they won't be good enough. But this is not the purpose of yoga at all. Yoga is meditation in motion. It is an opportunity for you to be completely present with your body and to give back to it. It's a time to feel what your body needs and show gratitude for all it does for you. And you cannot be present to your physical body without being present to your emotions at the same time. This is why yoga is such a beautiful method of experiencing physical as well as emotional restoration.

Yoga for the Emotional Body is a restorative yoga class, taught every Sunday from 10-11am, by Emily. The routine is invigorating (and sometimes challenging) but always restorative in nature and slower in pace. Breath work is regularly incorporated as well. This class is a gentle way to start getting in touch with your body and emotions, and offers the perfect energetic "reset" before each new week.

Class is held at the Legion Hall in Rockport, MA.

Cost is $15.