We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time. 

~T.S. Eliot

You can heal.
I know it seems impossible sometimes, but I promise you, it is possible.

You can overcome your fear. You can move beyond that unhealthy habit. You can leave old relationship patterns in the past. You can reverse that chronic pain. In fact, you are capable of doing and creating anything you desire. But you must reclaim your power first, in order to do so.

Absolutely everything in this life is connected. Your physical pain, your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs - they are all affecting each other every second of every day. If we are to move beyond what is unwanted and create the life of our dreams, we must stop thinking of ourselves as a conglomeration of separate parts, like the parts of a robot, that can be addressed independently as if they existed in a vacuum. We must, instead, honor the interconnectedness of all things in order to step back into our power, and intuition is the doorway through which this is possible.

I have dedicated my life to living in alignment with my authenticity, and in doing so, am inspired to help others own their truth as well. I made the decision to embrace and cultivate the gifts I came in with, and have found my joy in using them for the highest good of all. You may have heard of the term Medical Intuitive - what I do is very similar, but I prefer to call myself an Intuitive Healer, as it is broad enough to encompass the totality of what I do. I can channel any aspect of you, read your auric field, watch the way thoughts are moving energy through your body, feel into physical blocks, tune into your chakras and meridians, see your spirit guides, and more. My intuition, combined with my passion for mental/emotional health, allows me to pinpoint the root of any challenge and then guide you through the process of healing it. I do not use a one-size-fits-all approach or system in my sessions, because there is no such thing. I will meet you wherever you're at on your journey, and let the process of healing unfold as intends.


While transformation always takes time, it is my desire to streamline your growth and healing so that you may live in your power and in the freedom you deserve as soon as possible. If some small voice inside of you is telling you to give this a try, then do not ignore that voice. It is valid. It is your own intuition guiding you towards what you truly want, and deciding to trust it might just be the turning point you've been hoping for.

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